Personal piece for my studio

After much debating on what I actually wanted to do with one of the walls in my studio and office work space, I decided to just start painting.

I know my Serenity Travel Posters might get a bit jealous since they were in the running to commandeer the space, but alas acrylic wins out.

Still have a long ways to go but I know people enjoy work in progress photos, so I thought I would show you in steps how it turns out.

It also dawned on me that I am going to have a hard time teaching my two year old son that it is not okay to draw on walls…


Personal piece for my studio


Hopefully this doesn’t end with Mount Doom and me being throw in.

Design your brand and then throw every ounce of passion, creativity and work at it. I see this so often when researching successful people. In searching for some direction to help me move things along in my own world of branding my skills as a visual artist and designer, I decided to make the jump to blogging to not only hone and push my writing skills (I essentially have none), but to also find a means to connect with people on a much more personal level.

I hope you decide to come along on this journey with me, it may get weird. So you might as well help me make it even weirder.